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4 Cool Ways to Showcase Your Vinyl Collection


Marie from Philadelphia recently asked us, “What’s the best way to display your vinyl collection?”

Because we are frequently asked this question (another proof of vinyl’s ever-increasing popularity!), we decided to take it up in this blog post.

A record collection says a lot about you. If you’ve a collection that you’re proud of, you should display them, instead of putting them into a dusty old box in a corner of your room.

Here are 5 cool ways to showcase your collection as decor. Have a look.

  1. Record Frames


record frames


If you’re looking for a smart, super cheap, and easily available option for showcasing vinyl, look no further than record frames.

They not only look great but are also available online, as well as at almost every hobby and furniture stores. What’s more, record frames keep your vinyl safe and protect them from the elements.

Record frames, we believe, are the best option for those records which you want to store long term, such as picture discs, autographed sleeves, and mint original pressings.

You can display your records in a neat way, without having to go through the hassle of opening the frame when you want to play the records.  

  1. Record Storage Crates


record storage crate


Wooden record crates are something that almost every vinyl collector and crate digger is familiar with. They were very popular with vinyl lovers some years back because of their durability and spaciousness.

However, in past few years, companies manufacturing these crates have started using plastic in place of the wood. They have also changed the crates’ dimensions. The main reason for these not-so-pleasant changes was to discourage vinyl fans from walking off with the storage crates used in local grocery stores.

However, the wooden record storage crates have made a strong comeback. You can purchase them online or at a vinyl store. Place a record storage crate at the side of your turntable with record covers facing the front to make a strong visual statement.

  1. Picture Ledges


picture ledges


Many local record stores line their walls with picture ledges to attractively display records. Guess what, you can do the same.

While picture ledges were originally created to display pictures, they work just as well with vinyl records (7”s and 12”s). They not only make for a great display but also allow you to easily access your record collection.

Mount them above the turntable to showcase your collection in style, access it easily, and enhance your credibility as a veritable vinyl collector.

However, great as picture ledges are for displaying vinyl, they have one drawback: it doesn’t protect your collection from the elements. Therefore, if you are using them, you’ll have to clean your collection more frequently.

  1. Record Shelf Racks


record shelf rack


Last but not the least, you can use metal shelf racks to store and display your collection. These racks are inexpensive and practical and help you preserve the ultra-simplicity of your home decor.  

So, these are our 4 top ways to display vinyl. What do you think about them? Which one of these you like best? Do let us know.

Ah, just one more important thing: It’s not just playable vinyl records that can improve your home decor,  repurposed records can do it just as well, perhaps even with greater efficiency.

We specialize in repurposing unplayable vinyl records and turning them into great display items. Check out our collection and we’re sure you’ll find something that catches your eye. And if you want a customized artwork, we can do that too!


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