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6 Top Vinyl and Record Player Accessories

Once you start building your own record collection, you’ll realize that you need specific accessories to keep your vinyl records and record player in a top-notch condition.

Taking good care of them will also ensure that your analog experience is a more enjoyable one.

Below we have listed some great accessories for vinyl as well as record player. Have a look.

1. Turntable Platter Mats

Did you know that the right kind of turntable platter matter can help improve sound quality by preventing static buildup, reducing friction and dampening vibrations?

A great turntable mat is one that not only firmly grips the platter but also the record to ensure there’re absolutely no slips while spinning and distortions that are of mechanical origin are reduced significantly.

Most common turntable platter mats are made of leather, cork, rubber, acrylic, and felt. Each one of these has different properties and offers a nice listening experience. For example, rubber mats are extremely effective at reducing vibrations. On the other hand, cork mats helps open up sound spectrum.

Because these mats help protect your record’s surface, you should clean them on a regular basis.

2. Slip Mats

These mats are not designed to firmly hold the records. Instead, they allow records to slip over the rotating platter to allow DJs to comfortably manipulate them without damaging them. Slip mats, more often than not, are made from felt. You can also use slip mats as decoration when you’re not using the turntable.

3. 45 RPM Adapter

A tiny metal or plastic insert, a 45 RPM adapter, which is also called 7 inch adapter, fits at the centre of 45 RPM records. This allows users to play them on the turntable’s spindle.

4. Record Inner Sleeves

You can keep your records protected and safe when you’re not listening to them by using inner sleeves. They protect the surface of the record from paper dust, as well as other impurities, and increase its life.

Inner Sleeves are available in different materials: plastic, paper, and a combination of paper and poly. Paper inner sleeves are the cheapest of the three, but the downside is that they are not half as effective as the other two in reducing static and offering protection against scratches.

5. Record Outer Sleeves

If you want to keep record covers in a great condition, you should use outer sleeves, which protect the artwork cover from ring wear, corner dents and paper tears. These are available mainly in 2 formats: re-sealable and open ended. The thickness of outer sleeps can vary a lot.

Our recommendation is that you use the softer outer sleeves because the thick ones have a tendency of sticking onto the record artwork. This, as you may guess, can damage the artwork. As outer sleeves usually are available in bulk, you can safely expect one pack to last a considerable time.

6. Record Display Frames

Want to display your most-prized album artwork in style?

If yes, invest in record display frames. Besides being a decorative piece, it also protects your favorite albums.

While display frames and other products aptly protect your records and enhance their life, it is possible that some of your records may become unusable after some years.

If you have some unplayable vinyl records, why not give them to us?

We will repurpose them into amazing gift items with beautiful artwork. Just for the record, we only repurpose unplayable records. We love vinyl every bit as much as you, and wouldn’t ever think of repurposing a healthy record.

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