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8 Country Music Albums You Would Love to Own on Vinyl


When it comes to sound quality, MP3s and CDs can’t match the warm, smooth, and velvety sound of vinyl. Also unlike these two, vinyl records are treasured for their rarity, along with the artwork on their covers.

As a matter of fact, a few vinyl albums are being reissued to give Generation Z a chance to enjoy these hugely-popular music albums on vinyl, which happened to be their original format.

In case you’re a die-hard vinyl enthusiast with loads of money, here are top 8 country music albums which you would love to own—and flaunt!

1. Elvis’ Christmas Album (Elvis Presley)

Elvis Presley’s first Christmas Album is notoriously popular even today. Valued at $18,000, this 1957 album is one of the most sought-after country music albums.

2. “Stay Away, Joe” (Elvis Presley)

A-one-of-its-kind promotional album, it was released in 1967 and pressed specifically for broadcast from an Arizona radio station. Today, it is believed to carry a price tag of $25,000. If you can get your hands on it, expect big gains.

3. “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)

Another very popular country music album of the yesteryears, it was released in 1972 and pays homage to the best country musicians, like The Carter Family.

4. “Rocking with Wanda” (Wanda Jackson)

This is another great rockabilly album of early 1960s which is now being reissued, thanks to its epic status, as well as its strikingly beautiful cover photo of Wanda.

5. “Good Luck Charm” (Elvis Presley)

Before you say “Elvis Presley again?” you must understand there’re two very compelling reasons why another Presley album features in the list.
Firstly, when it comes to rockabilly music, Elvis Presley rules the roost. Period.

Secondly, this 1962 album is among the last few monaural recordings to be released before stereo became the norm.

And precisely for these two reasons, this album is valued at $24,000. Need we say more why you should want to own it?

6. “The Gambler” – Kenny Rogers

How can you keep Kenny Rogers out of the list of most popular country music albums?

This album contains timeless songs, including the title song which became so popular that Kenny Rogers was nicknamed “The Gambler” by his fans. The artwork on the cover is also very attractive, featuring Rogers in a Wild West gambling den with saloon girls.

7. “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” - Glen Campbell

This is the first country album to won the prestigious Grammy Album of the year award in 1968. The album features some heart-wrenching songs and great artwork, which shows Campbell sitting on a bench at a bus stop.

8. “At Folsom Prison” – Johnny Cash

If you’re a serious country music lover, this is one album that just need to have. Released in 1967 and recorded live in Folsom Prison, this album revived Cash’s career and is generally considered as one of the most iconic country albums ever.

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