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8 Top Albums of 2018 So Far



Now that 2019 is less than a few weeks away, it is perhaps a great time to look back and see what kind of musical year 2018 was. We’ve come with our list of top 10 albums of 2018.

They may not be the best in terms of sales, but they are indeed our favorites. We are sure you might have listened to some of these and would enjoy listening to others.

1. Amen Dunes – Freedom


The first thing that strikes you when you listen to this album is its invigorating rhythm and captivating vocals. Listening to it is nothing short of a spiritual album, and if you’ve any doubt about the veracity of this statement, just listen to “Believe”. This album doesn’t have a single dull moment. Give it a try, you’ll not be disappointed.

2. Beach House – 7


Do you know why Beach house music is frequently called “Dream pop”?
The mesmerizing music of Beach House simply permeates the brain in such a way that you just can’t tell one sound from another. If you’ve never listed to Beach House, this album is perfect to get your first taste of them.

3. Hatchie: Sugar & Spice


A slew of talented artists are emerging from Australia. And one such artist is Hatchie. She’s one of those artists who seem to come out nowhere, but that’s not the case. She has been part of several bands before she came up with Sugar & Spice. Just like the previous entry in this list, Sugar & Spice too belongs to the dream pop genre. A beautiful and lavish album, Sugar & Spice captures shoegaze (which is a style of rock music in which the distinctions between various instruments and vocals are indistinct or blurred) sound from 90’s.

4. Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour


This album, which in our humble opinion is the Kacey Musgraves’s best work yet, is about being alone, heartbreak, and new love. When Golden Hour was released, there was a lot of talk about what makes or doesn’t make it a “country” album. This debate was not only shameful but also absolutely unnecessary because Golden Hour is the top country album of 2018 yet.

If you love country music, you’ll definitely enjoy listening Kacey Musgraves. And if you have not listed to country music but want to give it a go, you should give Golden Hour a try.

5. Orquesta Akokan – Orquesta Akokan


Do you love Latin Jazz?

Then you would seriously enjoy the debut album of Orquesta Akokan. This album was recorded in state-run studio in Cuba and is without a doubt the most fun-packed album of this year yet. It beautiful replicates the emotions of mesmerizing Latin jazz recordings. However, at the same time, it goes further than that, reminding you how beautiful this music genre is.

6. Natalie Prass: The Future and the Past


Natalie Prass has an absolute riveting stage presence. Guess what? She sounds just as beautiful in her records, through which you can unmistakably feel her presence. If funky pop is what you like best, you would like to listen to The Future and the Past again and again, especially on sultry summer days.

7. Arctic Monkeys: Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino



It will be a great mistake to compare this album with AM, the biggest album of Arctic Monkeys. It’s not because this album is not awesome but because it sounds nothing like Arctic Monkeys music of 5 years ago when AM came on the scene and became a hit instantly. Coming back to Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino¸ it is a concept album and a great one at that. Listen to it once, and we promise, you’ll be hooked.

8. JPEGMAFIA – Veteran


This one is for all rap lovers. A powerful rapper who doesn’t mince his words to voice his feelings, which echo with what’s in the hearts of millions others, JPEGMAFIA is exactly the kind of rapper we badly need at present. His new album embodies confusion and rage prevalent in our times.

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