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Top 5 American Rock Bands Of All Times

Which are the 5 most well-known American Rock Bands Ever?

We had put this question to our readers, and here’re the poll results

I’m pleased that some of my personal favorites feature in this list. I’m quite sure a few of your most-liked bands will be here, too.

If not, don’t worry too much. This list is based on opinions of our readers. If other popular bands—and there are many—don’t feature here, then that doesn’t mean they are any less popular than these five.

So are you ready for the list?

Well, here you go. 

  • Doors

Formed in 1965, Doors voiced the emotions of their generation. No other band before them had captured an era better than they. Their creative, intelligent lyrics appealed to young people who didn’t want to be shackled by stereotypes beliefs. Without a doubt, Jim Morrison was the face of Doors, but the other band members—Ray Manzarek, John Densmore, and Robbie Krieger—were almost as talented as he.

  • Metallica

Metallica fans just adore their style of playing drum, vocal and guitar. A Thrash Metal band, Metallica has 4 very famous albums, as well as 10 super hit songs, to their name. My personal favorite is Enter Sandman. Which is yours?  

Some criticize them for going mainstream. Considering their experiments helped them gain more fans and retain old ones, I think this criticism is unjustified.

  • Aerosmith

Also known as “the Bad Boys from Boston”, Aerosmith is one of the most versatile and well-known Rock and Roll band. In case you’ve never listened to them, I recommend you begin with their studio album “Aerosmith” and then move all the way to ”Music from a Different Dimension”.

Here’s a trivia: Did you know Steven Tyler had a poster of Jim Morrison in his bedroom when he was growing up?

  • Nirvana

This one is for all punk fans. Nirvana had a short life, but boy did they rock the grunge music scene. The band disbanded after Kurt Cobain’s suicide in the year 1994, but by then Nirvana had impressed not only music fans in the U.S. but alternative rock music lovers all over the world.

Between 1989-1994, Nirvana produced all but 3 albums: Bleach (1989), Nevermind (1991), and In Utero (1993). In a poll done by The Guardian, Nirvana fans (24%) ranked Nevermind as their best album. Do you agree?

  • Guns N Roses

This list can’t be complete with Guns N’ Roses. Their November Rain played, what seemed to be during my teen years, at least twenty-five times every day on MTV.  Formed in 1985, Guns N’ Roses had many amazing songs to their names apart from November Rain, such as Patience, Sweet Child o mine, Estranged, etc.

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