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Top 5 Halloween Records


Whether you’re celebrating this year’s Halloween with just your family or a big party, nothing can set up the mood like a nice Halloween record.

Opinion varies about what make a record perfect for Halloween. Some love menacing lyrics, some others spooky music. And then there are those who think no Halloween party can be complete without some blood-curling screams.

With Halloween just round the bend, we’ve come with a perfect Halloween compilation, which has something for all Halloween fans.

So why not have a look?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack


There are so many things to love about Halloween (Of course, platefuls of candy being one of them.). You get to wear outrageous costumes, engage in role-playing, and do something out of the ordinary. No other album can capture those feelings of exhilaration and fear which one feels upon entering outsiderdorm than the soundtrack of the movie The Rocky Horror Show. All the songs in this album are absolutely perfect for sing-alongs and audience participation, as well as for Halloween parties.

The album features songs such as “Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me,” and “Dammit Janet”, as well as “Time Wrap”, which is perfect for dancing.

Songs the Lord Taught Us (The Cramps)


One of the initial psychobillly bands, The Cramps seamlessly combined rockabilly with punk. This was their debut full-length album released in 1980. Some of the more famous records from this album include “TV Set”, “Zombie Dance”, and “I Was A Teenage Werewolf”.

Barnabus in Collins Wood (Lone Ranger)


If you have doubt about this album being suitable for a Halloween Party, just have a look at its cover. This is a perfect Halloween album for dancehalls, with songs about witches, vampires, and aliens!

Murder Ballads (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)


Not many artists think of including more than one murder ballad in an album. It seems Nick Cave wanted to do what no one else had done, and boy, did he do it splendidly? All songs in this album—and there are 9 of them—are murder ballads. Every song is about someone being killed by someone, either loved ones or perfect strangers.

Halloween (Dead Kennedys)



Ok, so the title says it all. But once you look past the title and the cartoonish cover, you realize that its lyrical content is just what you need for this year’s Halloween party.

Unleash your creativity and don on that outrageous Halloween costume and play out some spooky music. Most importantly, have epic fun, even if it meant getting dead drunk! Because, hey, next day it will be back again to that mind-numbing, dead-end corporate job.

So you might just well have some memorable fun on the Halloween night.

If you want to purchase these albums on vinyl or other Halloween specials, you can shop music online at by just clicking the Shop Music tab at the top of your page.

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