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5 Rare Records Every Crate Digger Would Be Proud to Own

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Vinyl Care Made Easy—And Affordable!

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Should I Sell or Not Sell? How to Check Your Vinyl Collection’s Value

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Vinyl is back—and here to stay!

Vinyl is back—and here to stay!

  From being all-popular in the era gone by to almost dead and dusted in 1991 and then a strange, but well-deserved, resurrection in 2007, Vinyl ha...

5 Top Reasons for Purchasing Vinyl Records Online

5 Top Reasons for Purchasing Vinyl Records Online

    So you want the LP record of your favorite album and have combed the whole length and breadth of the town but to no avail. The record you want ...

VinylshopUS - Our Story

VinylshopUS - Our Story

Our story.

The VinylshopUS store was opened in 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It began as a small collection of 2,000 pieces bought from a local DJ suddenly growing into 200,000 records coming in all of forms media and sizes. We thought of an idea on how to save the planet while making use of unplayable media and that's how our repurposed Wall Art and Wall Clock collections came to be.