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Sewing Vinyl Wall Clock

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Sewing Clock made out of new vinyl record will add Sewing theme and vintage tone to your walls. It will fit perfectly in the nursery room, kids room, living room, bedroom or kitchen. It comes naturally in black vinyl record color. If black color is not your favorite, we can coat it in a different color. Please make a selection when placing an order.

Product size: 11"x12"

Clock includes:

- Quartz silent clock mechanism
- Color label
- 1x AA battery

If Sewing is not your favorite design please browse our store as we have over 200 different designs to choose from. If you can't find your favorite design but would like to have one made for you please use the custom order listing here:


  • Vinyl Record Art
  • Personalized Label
  • Quartz Silent Clock Mechanism
  • 1x AA Battery

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